Fuel Division


Automated Delivery

No more checking tanks, calling in orders, or waiting for delivery

Deferred Billing System

Pay only for fuel USED, not what was delivered

Average Monthly Pricing

Eliminate market highs and lows once and for all

Diesel Fuels

The Energy Department is finishing up another great year with CENEX and CHS. Scenic Valley Cooperative offers two completely different fuel order and delivery systems. The AFD (Auto-mated Fuel Delivery) program is a true fuel management program. Formerly known as RFD, today’s AFD system allows much better use of cash and takes the stress and hassle out of ordering. Yes, fuel deliveries are automatically scheduled leaving customers time to take care of more important matters.
While the change from the initial ‘R’ (in RFD) to ‘A’ (AFD) likely seems minor, the truth is the programs image has changed considerably. No longer do we serve only rural customers. Likewise, our market has changed meaning non-farm businesses are much more a part of our customer base.
Scenic Valley was one of the first cooperatives in Wisconsin to convert to AFD in 2001. A key benefit is Scenic Valley Cooperative has the flexibility to serve customers anywhere in Wisconsin or the Midwest where AFD delivers. This year we are proud to have served not only northeast Wisconsin but the metro-Milwaukee area. Yes, we now deliver to customers along Lake Michigan and into Milwaukee.

Ruby Fieldmaster Soy Enhanced Premium Disel Logo

Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® Premium Diesel Fuel

Announcing newly enhanced Cenex Ruby Fieldmaster® Premium Diesel Fuel -containing a special additive to meet the needs of today’s engine technologies.
In engines designed to meet new Environmental Protection Agency emission standards, increased pressure and temperatures can literally “cook” typical #2 diesel fuel, resulting in injector/filter problems, reduced efficiency and costly repairs. We are
proud to offer a premium fuel that helps alleviate this problem, often experienced in modernized diesel engines (2007 models and newer).
Ruby Fieldmaster also optimizes performance and fuel efficiency, while reducing downtime and maintenance costs, in all diesel engines. In fact, no other diesel fuel contains a more complete, balanced and quality additive package.

Cenex Roadmaster XL® Premium Highway Diesel Fuel

Every gallon of Cenex Roadmaster XL® Premium Highway Diesel Fuel contains a special additive to meet the tough demands of today’s engine technology.
Cenex Roadmaster XL is an investment that pays for itself with better performance, less downtime and increased efficiency. Get the diesel fuel that’s proven and tested to deliver precisely what fleets, fleet managers and drivers need.

Agriculture, Diesel and Automotive Lubricants

SVC has offered a bulk oil program since 2008. We’ll provide most of the equipment including tank (80 gallon minimum) at no cost in return for your business. As long as you can store 80 gallons whether its drum or totes you are eligible. With this program you will receive best pricing and the convenience from dealing with packaged product, saving time and money. Bulk lube gallon sales are up from last year and for good reason. Our commitment to quality and service are second to none.
As an indication of our expanding territory, we sold lubricants to a customer in Indiana, a first for us outside Wisconsin. We’re happy to continue to serve you. Thank you to all our loyal customers for your business in the past and the future. Your continued support is what keeps us going!

Transportation Lubricants

Battling dust, brutal heat and long, grueling hours is nothing new for lubricants with a 75-year legacy of performance. Industry certified with millions of fleet miles behind them, Cenex lubricants have already delivered in the cruelest elements. Our over-the-road tests prove that Cenex lubricants provide superior engine protection, cleaner emissions, extended oil drains, and better overall performance.

Construction and Logging

By using only the highest quality base oils and a highly specialized additive system, our line of lubricants for commercial industries provides the proper frictional properties, material compatibility and overall performance level required by heavy­duty equipment. In addition, each product is designed to meet and exceed all major diesel engine manufacturers’ service requirements. From bulldozers to backhoes to skid steer loaders, let Cenex lubricants stand guard over all your heavy-duty equipment.


The tough demands and challenging environments that farmers face are hard to control. But one thing you can control is what you put in your equipment. When you use Cenex® lubricants and fuels together, you’ll get guaranteed protection from the
best warranty program in all of agriculture -The Cenex Total Protection Plan™. It covers up to 10 years or 10,000 hours of engine and transmission operation. Whether you buy new or used equipment, you simply won’t find a better way to protect your investment.